Aim Higher


The Aim Higher programme affords the girls a range of academic opportunities beyond the classroom, allowing them to pursue their intellectual curiosity and to engage in subject areas of particular interest to them. 

The programme is inclusive, so all girls can benefit, should they wish to be involved.  Activities are varied: from entry to national competitions, independent project work, attending lectures as well as taking part in the many extra-curricular clubs on offer.

This year, Todd are undertaking an independent learning project which involves reading three books, completing a piece of creative writing, undertaking community service in the school or wider community, as well as writing a project on a topic they have researched.  The project requires the girls to choose a topic to research from an extensive list.  Examples of topics include: ‘How do nanoparticles in socks stop them smelling?’, ‘The London 2012 Olympic games: was it a positive or negative event for our country?’ and  ‘Read a poem. Create a poster which includes the poem, annotations, influences etc’.

Every week, Aim Higher sessions take place for all academic scholars and any other girls who are interested.  Sessions involve discussion on topical issues and critical thinking, and there are lectures from guest speakers. Recent lectures have included ‘The Milestones of Human Genetics’ and ‘The Geography of HIV’. Girls also have the opportunity to enrol with IGGY (International Gateway for Gifted Youth Education), the University of Warwick’s online learning platform – .  It encourages critical thinking and collaborative work, and involves students from across the world.